2010. november 30., kedd

an ordinary day @ Krogerup

One day of mine

8.35 waking up, taking a shower

8.45-9.15 would be cleaning time, but as am sick since almost 2 weeks now with the danish malaria called flu, i do not attend in the kitchen chopping some vegetables as i do not intend to spread it..
So we talk a bit with Dori, my roommie, having some breakfast

9.20- as tuesday, we have separate morning assemblies from the danes. we meet in our classroom with Sara. We go through the schedule of the upcoming days which is the core component of all morning meetings. Usually its Rikke, the school's principal to inform and tell us the most important programs, but she is in South Africa now for a few days. I miss her actually, I think her presence is like the bones for the body. As she runs the choire called 'Papaya' since quite a few years now, that visited South Africa she has some VIP friends there, so she might have some nice fancy visits out there...

So Sara has a Vignet for us this morning. I actually asked her to talk about her Master thesis she wrote for Roskilde University last year for International Development and Communication studies if I can remember correctly. She wrote about Working with the World as a class-room, so it was basically focusing about danish high-school students and how much they are prepared theoretically and practically to be global citizen.

Then Mette came, an other Krogerup teacher who talked about her additional work as a conflict resolution mediator. This is a very unique way of facilitating crime issues between offenders and victims, promoting the people's rigths and needs as opposed to the actual set of law process that defends only the State and not those involved in a specific case.

11.00-12.30 'E Study'- which is photography for me. We had some assignment such as taking photos about the school and its environment, some shapes and shades and so...the sourroundings, the forest ... and then about self-portrait and ordinary objects and such. It is strange to be forced to take photos. I dislike it. I have no inspiration to shoot.
I work with Benjamin, a danish guy. its easier then alone. He is funny and tall, spend his last year in Peru volunteering at a school living with a local family and from next year he plans to cross the US by bike with an other girl from Krogerup. I told You he was funny... :)
So we plan how to start developing in the afternoon.

12.30- Lunch

resting/discussing things

14.00-16.00 Developing our film in the darkroom. we try it so hard for half an hour but its just not succeed.so we put back my film into a box and start making the nega with our common film. Its a loooooong process, lots of liquids and time-keeping and checking and sooo on. We do good job i think.

16.00-16.30 preparation for leaving with Garba to Cph for the Crossing Border's ngo- annual general assembly.

16.30- 17.40 on the way to the meeting place we are 5 in the car- Mignote from Ethiopia, Salma from the Maldives, Garba from everywhere ( :) and Nikolaj from mainly denmark :), and me. nice group :) sophisticated and humorous discussions, i like it.

18.10- 21.30 Meeting- presentations, evaluation, board election, ... interesting experience, getting to know the operation of a civil org and also CB's issues- this is important cuz our education is part of their...

22.30-23.30 arriving back to Krogerup, metting with other CB students and discussing tomorrow"s workshops.

23-30 - am on the internet. its crazyyyy

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